Joint at the hip with a handful of other creative and rising enterprises, Bjorn’s Nation is a family – like minded beings that intake and uplift creativity in all forms. No matter who you are, or what you do, creativity is creativity… and creativity is you.

Bjorns Nation as a whole, is composed of beings in all fields of work, crafts, interests, arts, and beliefs. There are no boundaries in Bjorns Nation – nothing limiting your spirit.

If you believe in free creativity, you are already a part of Bjorns Nation.

If you embrace spiritual freedom, you are part of Bjorns Nation.

If you live life to its fullest as a rebel of society, you are with us.

We exist in every aspect of existence, even the light-breeze moving the leaves in its wake.

As of now Bjorns Nation has a creative interest in the following: clothing, radio, management, investments and more.

You should never limit yourself based on others opinions, societies opinions or anyone else.

You are yourself. You are a society.

Bjorns Nation is the living image of change in society using innate creativity and by passing boundaries.

Welcome to Bjorns Nation.